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Safety at work is really important, also in our fast time these days. Therefore, we have a comprehensive offer of personal protection gear that will make your work saver. Gloves, helmets, goggles and much more, at PETERS + BEY you are always in good hands. If you need to go high out, we also offer several types of fall arresting devices. All necessary safety signs according to current regulations we also have in our product range. If you have to work in an area where gases or particles are in the air, you need equipment to save your respiratory system. We supply a big range of these products, from the light dust mask up to a heavy breathing-apparatus. If you are not sure which product will be the right one for you, please let us know and we will find a “clean” solution which suits perfect to you. You will be advised by our well-trained sales staff. You can rely on our products. We ensure that this will remain so. Our own service and repair center offers professional maintenance service with trained employees. To work with toxic gases and vapors or in low-oxygen areas always special caution is required. At PETERS + BEY you can get many types of gas detectors and protection suits, to work safe also under this condition. For these type of products, we also offer inspection and repair service. By using oil and grease you always have to pay attention, that there will be no damage for the natural environment. In case that there will be an accident by using these products, some products of PETERS + BEY like oil-absorbing pads and booms will stand by your side to fix this problem immediately and avoid worse.

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