High customer satisfaction is a tradition at PETERS + BEY. The company was founded in 1881 and produced sheet metal goods and galley inventory for the ships in the Port of Hamburg. As a ship's plumber, in the wake of increasing traffic on the oceans, it expanded production to reliable navigation lanterns - with precise lighting angles and visibility. The navigation lanterns became known worldwide. From the beginning, only a satisfied customer came back. PETERS + BEY still operates according to this principle today.

PETERS + BEY is both a manufacturer of high-quality sheet metal products and a supplier to the shipping industry and its suppliers. Competent employees take their customers seriously. Not only do they know the problems, they also have solutions. And once they reach their limits, they use the competence of others. For the benefit of the customer. In everything PETERS + BEY does, high quality and punctual delivery is standard. Therefore, the company was certified according to DIN / ISO 9001: 2000.

P. Albert Bey

Shareholder 1881 to 1888


Jacob Hinrich Peters

Gesellschafter von 1881 bis 1929

Paul Christian Matthias Peters

Shareholder 1914 to 1964


Hans Peters

Gesellschafter 1924 bis 196

Klaus Hinrich

Shareholder 1954 to 2001


Jürgen Paul (Jörn) Peters

Gesellschafter von 1956 bis 1964

Dieter Hans Peters

Shareholder 1964 to 2001


Jan-Jacob Peters

Shareholder 2001 to 2007


Thomas Peters

Gesellschafter 2001

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