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Founded in 1881, PETERS + BEY is now being managed successfully in the fourth generation. Originally active as a marine sheet metal working business, which supplied ships in the port of Hamburg, the company today offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for shipping industry. Our qualified employees guarantee competent consulting and proper order processing. Convince yourself of our efficiency and of the quality of our products. Our company is certified according to DIN / ISO 9001: 2015.


Whatever contributes to the integral safety at sea or the implementation of safety requirements can be ordered at PETERS + BEY. Navigation lights, pyrotechnique, safety-equipment, lifeboat inventory, signage and lowlocation lighting. However, dedicated consultation is a great part of the services rendered to the customer. Peters + Bey has a voting voice in many working committees and associations, hence the profound knowledge of latest developments and upcoming directives. The result is the most effective way to cope with said rules and regulations. That pays off for the customer. There are only a few manufacturers of navigation lights in the world.

PETERS + BEY is one of them. These lights are being engineered and produced with the ever high degree of quality and accuracy – since 1890. When COLREGS 1972 came into force PETERS + BEY was one of the first manufacturers to develop a new type of navigation light and received respective approval and certification by the required authorities.


You can rely on our products. We ensure that this will remain so. For this area of responsibility our competent technicians are available for you.   Gas detectors, breathing air devices or automatic lifejackets, at Peters + Bey you are in good hands.

Proper maintenance service by our own service personnel ensures processing and spare part procurement in time. As an additional service, we offer to handle a maintenance pool of the customer ‘s own devic



A high degree of customer’s satisfaction is a traditional aim of PETERS + BEY. Founded in 1881 the company manufactured various sorts of sheet metal work. The expanding ship traffic on the waters and channels lead to a rising demand of navigation lights which were manufactured by PETERS + BEY – with highly accurate cut off angels and visibilities. PETERS + BEY Navigation Lights are known worldwide. Only a satisfied customer will return! This wisdom became to be the basis of the business. Today the same principle is just as important as it used to be some 100 years ago.

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